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Apartment Guide & House Rules



Network: Chestnut Suite/Chestnut Suite 2

Password: Relaxation5*


Network: Eliza Suite/Eliza Suite 2

Password: Relaxation1


Tapwater is drinkable. Continuous supply of warm water from the heater.


Central heating system operates during colder seasons (Sept - May). It can be controlled manually with the Thermostate placed in the Living room. + button 0.5 degrees up, - button 0.5 degrees down. 



3 units in every apartment (living room and bedrooms). Controlled by separate remote controls.


The apartment is a non-smoking area, but you may smoke on the balcony, where you can find ashtray.


Please put the garbage bags into the garbage cans which are placed at the entrance of the house.

Black: mixed garbage, Yellow: only metal and plastic, Blue: only paper. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening, the black garbage can is taken to Kiralyi Pal utca, so that the waste removal company can make it empty. Yellow and Blue are taken out on Thursday evening. Please don’t leave the garbage bags at the entrance, always put them into the big trash can.


Our neighbourhood is a safe area, but it is advised to lock both the apartment's door and the corridor's door even if you are at home. First aid box and Fire extinguisher are placed in the living room's wardobe in Chestnut, and in the larger bedroom's wardobe in Eliza.

Residential Community Rules

Please consider that the apartment is in a residential community, where loud noise and loud talking might disturb the neighbours. Please bare in mind this during your stay. For the same reason, gatherings, parties are not allowed in the apartment.

Energy Saving

Please turn off the lights and the electric devices such as airconditioners when you are not at home and before check-out.


Please contact me prior the departure to notify me of any spills, damage or breakages

Emergency/Medical Care

112 - Police/Fire/Ambulace    
104 - ambulance & emergency medical services,    
105 - fire-brigade, rescue services, civil protection,
107 - police

Emergency Center nearby +3613116816Budapest, Gerlóczy u., 1052

Walk-in Urgent Care Clinic +36302980137Budapest, Vörösvári út 107, 1037

0-24 Pharmacy +3614069367Budapest, Bartók Béla út 98-102, 1115

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