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My name is Gabor, I am the owner and manager of Chestnut & Eliza Suites.

I have been working as a professional host since 2015.

My main driving force is always creating harmony and balance in every part of life. In hospitality I can truly fulfill this. It gives me the greatest pleasure to create an environment where my guests can spend their holidays in the most pleasant way.

Apart of hospitality I like gardening, hiking, gastronomy, and watercolor painting

My Story

I graduated as an economist in Tourism and Hotel subject, however I spent the first 12 years of my carrier at several multinational companies, mainly in financial reporting. After a while I started to feel that this job does not fulfill my life. I desired to create something that I consider to be real value. Something that is visible, beautiful and gives joy to others. After a year of planning came up the idea of returning to my original profession, tourism.

My family had been long time thinking about investing in a property in Budapest Downtown, and to operate it as a short term rental seemed a good idea. After thorough searching we found a charming apartment in a quite pedestrian street and the whole family fell in love with it. That was Chestnut Suite.

We bought the property in 2015 Spring and after several months of reconstruction works, I started to welcome the first guests in November. It was a dream come true and finally I was feeling that I was creating something worthful. Planning the interior design, arranging construction works, marketing... filled me with enthusiasm knowing that I am about to open an amazing accomodation that hopefully will bring joy to the future guests as well.

After the first successful year of Chestnut Suite, another apartment was open for sale in the building with the same size and same interior plan. We did not hesitate much to purchase Eliza Suite in 2016.

It turned out that hospitality is my passion. Since the day I opened my first apartment, I could not look at my guests in a different way. I treat them as if they were coming to my home like old friends and I would like to give them the best experience possible.

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